Born in Pasadena, California in 1968, Zae grew up amongst two generations of realist painters and an art teacher mom who submerged him in creative expression at a very young age. Zae was painting abstract representations of his surroundings before consciousness to overcome tremendous hardship and escape everyday challenges. Making a deliberate choice against the familiar realist representation, he strayed towards a painterly abstract style of artistic expression with a play on light and texture and an array of edgy but playful beauty. At age 20, while living on the east coast he quickly found success in his emerging art career through a supportive network of collectors and galleries. His work has shown in galleries from New York City and Atlanta to California and his art is featured in private and public collections around the world including Bank of Atlanta and Oprah's "O at Home" magazine. Returning home to California with his wife and two children, Zae has introduced himself to a new generation of collectors and art enthusiasts and reignited his passion for artistic expression with a playful spirit. His work is endorsed by Lanier Graham, art historian and former curator of a number of prestigious institutions including MoMA and the Norton Simon Museum. Lanier was quoted saying "Zae is a remarkable Artist!"