Born in Pasadena, California in 1968, Zae grew up amongst two generations of realist painters and an art teacher for a mom who submerged him in creative expression at a young age. Zae was painting abstract representations of his surroundings before consciousness had opened his young child eyes. Having endured tremendous hardship at a young age he used his artistic creativity to escape everyday challenges. Making a deliberate choice against the familiar realist representation, Zae strayed towards an abstract style of artistic expression, “I love letting imagination take over.” At age 20, while living on the east coast he quickly found success in his emerging art career through a supportive network of collectors and galleries. His work has shown in galleries from New York City to Atlanta and his art is featured in private and public collections around the world including Bank of Atlanta and Oprah’s O at Home magazine. Returning home to California with his wife and two children, Zae has introduced himself to a new generation of collectors and art enthusiasts and reignited his passion for artistic expression.

Zae paints a painterly abstract style with a play on light and texture with an array of edgy but playful beauty. Sometimes thought provoking, he is quoted as saying, “Just as music in the arts speaks to your souls so does visual art. Only the wise listen!” Please join Zae on a journey of imagination and playful spirit as he spreads love and inspiration through his art with the use of color. Owning one of Zae’s original pieces as many know is a way of owning a part of his wild energy. An energy translated through touch and feeling relayed to canvas.

Interested in paint as a marker of timelessness and fragility, Zae Ulrich frames moments of decay, emotion and illusion through his acrylic on canvas works. His skillfully rendered creations feature terrestrial landscapes strewn with complex forms, craggy lines and floating patches of pigment that intrigue the eye. Slivers of vague imagery emerge out of translucent color washes and frosty abstraction in variegated shades of grey, aquamarine, brown, beige and mother of pearl. Interested in the ‘sense of elation and release’ inherent in the creative process, Ulrich’s works are subtly provocative and charged with invigorating elements of creative energy. When considered as a totality, his oeuvre evokes a multi-sensory tunnel vision that absorbs the viewer in its compelling force, demanding both attention and appreciation.

American painter Zae Ulrich currently lives and works outside San Francisco, CA. His work has been endorsed by Lanier Graham, an art historian and former curator of a number of prestigious institutions including MoMA and the Norton Simon Museum. Ulrich’s art is included in collections in France, Italy, Canada and throughout the United States.